Home Energy Report™

Here are some marketing ideas for promoting the Home Energy Report™. 
Marketing to Real Estate Agents. Order free marketing cards to promote your Home Energy Inspections to real estate agents by visiting inspectoroutlet.com/free-real-estate-agent-marketing-cards  Available only in certain states.
Brochure #1(PDF)                                           Brochure #2 (PDF)
Consumer-Oriented Information for your website:
Visit www.nachi.org/energy and copy/paste that consumer-oriented information onto your webpage about Home Energy Reports. 
Watch this short video on how to update your website with Home Energy Reports.
Embed this 1-minute video into your webpage about Home Energy Reports.
See on YouTube at http://youtu.be/enZMeWUXCZU
Colorado home inspectors should watch this 1-minute video about marketing.
Download the free marketing flyer at www.nachi.org/COagent.
Write a Home Energy Report in less than 4 minutes at www.nachi.org/home-energy-report.
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